How to promote your #MorethanFootball activities?

How to promote your #MorethanFootball activities?

During the Action Week, all participating organisations are encouraged to make use of a variety of logos and tools to promote their activities. The choice of which logo or tools you are able to use is entirely your choice which fits your brand and your brand guidelines.

Participating clubs and organisations can promote their community programmes during the home game of events during the #Morethanfootball Action Week in the matchday programme or LED walls, publishing dedicated content about their community programmes on their website and use social media, stadium billboards and website banners to promote the programmes.

In addition, you can create or republish video content on existing programmes or organise a fundraiser for your community activities. Everything is possible, but don’t forget to use the #Morethanfootball and send us an overview of your activities!

Examples of what can be done to promote the activities:

  • Use the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Use the labels and trademarks of the #MorethanFootball Action Week.
  • Use the LEDs of the stadium to show your engagement.
  • Display of a banner at public events to raise awareness.
  • Send an email at to get communication on our social channels and on our website.