‘#Passiton’ Video Challenge

‘#Passiton’ Video Challenge

The #Passiton video challenge is a call out to the whole football family to tell the world why football is more than just a game and spread the word that football can really make a difference.

By recording a video sharing what ‘#Morethanfootball’ means to them and then ‘#Passiton’ nominating a colleague or friend to do the same, we can create a movement and together raise awareness of the massive impact football can have on peoples lives away from the pitch.

Organisations are encouraged to cooperate with their players, coaches, management and fans and share the videos during the Action Weeks using the hashtag #Passiton and #Morethanfootball.

The initial promotional video for the launch of the Action Weeks will be made available for all participants through the website but in the meantime, the video from previous years may provide some inspiration.

Any organisation who would like to take part in the initial promotional #Passiton video can send high quality videos of their #Passiton challenges to actionweek@morethanfootball.eu before the 1st March 2019.