‘Around the World’ Challenge

‘Around the World’ Challenge

Do you love football? Perform the Around the World” football trick, nominate your friends and share the video on social media.

The 2018 #Morethanfootball Action Weeks call everyone who loves football to share their story why football is more than football and to perform the ‘Around the World’ football trick. According to the rules of the football trick ‘Around the World’, invented by street footballer Soufiane Touzani, the player needs to juggle the football and swing his foot around the ball, making enough contact to keep it spinning and away from the ground. After the circle has been completed, the ball needs to land back on the foot and again juggled.

The Challenge -Make your own Video

To take part, record a video that shows us how you do the Around the World trick. After you have tried the trick, we ask you to challenge your friends to participate. Should you have succeeded in performing the ‘Around the World’ trick nominate two people that subsequently try the trick. People that don’t succeed nominate three more people. In that way, the number of people involved in the challenge steadily increase and the awareness for the campaign raises.

Participants are asked to share their video on social media during the Action Weeks using the hashtag #Aroundtheworld and #Morethanfootball.

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In order to increase the impact of the campaign, organisations are encouraged to cooperate with players and coaches, giving them the opportunity to share why they believe that football is more than football and to record their own video.