The ‘Back 4’ Project – Cardiff City FC Community Trust

6 April 2018

The ‘Back 4’ Project – Cardiff City FC Community Trust

Our goal as a charity is to help children, young people and families across South Wales achieve their full potential. With that in mind, we recently created the ”Back 4” programme.

Sessions take place at Cardiff City Stadium and are running on the following dates:

Programme One: Tuesday 9th January 2018*

Programme Two: Tuesday 8th May 2018*

Programme Three: Tuesday 2nd October 2018*

Programme Four: Tuesday 5th March 2019*

Funded through the European Union and supported by the WCVA (Welsh Council for Voluntary Action), the project offers an exciting opportunity for young people between the ages of 18-24 living in Cardiff and are not currently in education, employment or training.

We work closely with agencies such as Job Centre Plus and the Cardiff Hubs to engage with those who are furthest away from the job market. This is a first step intervention to help get individuals started on their journey to employment.

We aim to help participants gain a Level 2 qualification in self-assessment and decision making, alongside further positive outcomes such as increasing self-confidence, carrying additional job search skills, composing a CV, improving interview techniques and providing health and wellbeing workshops which will open doors for further training, volunteering or employment opportunities.

*Each session runs two days a week for ten weeks.

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