Fare Network Kicks Off #FootballPeople Weeks

5 October 2020

Fare Network Kicks Off #FootballPeople Weeks

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) is supporting campaign partner Fare and its #FootballPeople Action Weeks. The two-week campaign unites supporters, clubs, players, minority groups and communities affected by discrimination to stand for equality and inclusion.This year’s Action Weeks will take place from the 8th to 22nd October 2020. Use #Morethanfootball and #FootballPeople to highlight your related activities and community programmes.


The #FootballPeople Action Weeks promote change and diversity in global football. During the two-week period, over 150,000 people in more than 50 countries organise and participate in events and activities to bring about social change.


The #FootballPeople weeks are open to everyone regardless of who you are or what your role in football is. Supporters, players, clubs, ethnic minorities, LGBT groups, women’s groups, activists, schools and NGOs can all take an active role. 


Getting involved is simple and fun: Between the 8th and 22nd October 2020 organise activities that celebrate diversity and tackle discrimination in and through football wherever you are. Use #morethanfootball and the #FootballPeople hashtags/logos. On social media share what you do with the world and us and become part of the global movement. Involve as many people as possible.

Information for football associations.

Information for clubs and leagues.

#FootballPeople Weeks campaign resources.

Other examples of how to get involved in the #FootballPeople Action Weeks include:

–Take photographs and use quotes from elading players wearing #FootballPeople t-shirts.
– Produce a video with an anti-racism message.
– Matchday activities: Dedicate an international fixture to the #FootballPeople Action Weeks and the fight against discrimination.
– On-pitch publicity: get pictures and videos of players warming up wearing #FootballPeople t-shirts.

– Get social: Support the campaign via your social media channels. Use #FootballPeople and link up with Fare on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.
– Use #FootballPeople and/or Fare branding available here.
– Storytelling: Share stories celebrating the diversity of your players and fans.
– Off-field activities: Work with fan groups, refugees, minorities, LGBTQ+ or other community groups during the campaign period.
– Q&As: Organise online Q+A sessions with former players on the topics of inclusion and discrimination.
– Run diversity workshops for fans, stewards, coaches and players.