FC Shakhtar Holds “Come On, Let’s Play!” Training Session for Children With Special Needs

7 October 2020

FC Shakhtar Holds “Come On, Let’s Play!” Training Session for Children With Special Needs

On October 3rd, Shakhtar Social and the Parimatch Foundation held a training session for children with special needs at Kiev’s Gymnasium A+ fields.

“Come On, Let’s Play!” is a grassroots project which aims to help migrant children from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine, and disadvantaged and disabled children living close to the frontline. The programme includes regular football training sessions for juniors and disabled children, competitions and a final tournament. The possibility of meeting and playing with players from FC Shakhtar’s first team is an additional motivation for these children. The Parimatch Foundation, on the other hand, works to promote the health and well-being of the community through education and engaging children in sport while providing equal opportunities for everyone.

Indeed, Shakhtar defender Sergii Kryvtsov attended Saturday’s training session. He played football with the kids, gave them gifts, had pictures taken with them and signed autographs for everyone who wanted to get one.

“As a father of three children, I’m really happy and believe that there should be as many such events as possible,” Kryvstov said. “Some real, genuine emotions and happiness in the eyes of children are very precious. I can see how much they enjoy playing football. The guys who work with children every day are doing a great job. A big plus for Shakhtar senior executives is that they don’t turn a blind eye to it but, on the contrary, they help people.” (FC Shakhtar)

“It’s very important for our project when leading players of Shakhtar come to visit the children. The guys like football players a lot, this is an additional bonus for them in the Come On, Let’s Play! project,” says Inna Khmyzova, Shakhtar Social Director. “That said, it’s an opportunity for us to draw attention to our training sessions, to tell people about the things we do, about inclusive sport and why it’s important.” (FC Shakhtar)