KAA Gent Foundation says no to racism and discrimination

29 March 2018
KAA Gent - No racism. No Hate. No Discrimination.

KAA Gent Foundation says no to racism and discrimination

KAA Gent and local football clubs in Gent that participate in the Elk Talent Telt partnership are joining forces and uniting against racism and discrimination.

March 21 is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. All football clubs in Gent call for respect on the pitch and in the stands. All football clubs in Gent will visibly portray the Elk Talent Telt-charter with the hotline against discrimination in Gent mentioned.

The Elk Talent Telt-clubs ask their players and supporters to be alert towards discrimination and to signal every incident. This will give clubs a view of the size of the problem, and be dealt with through mediation of the KAA Gent Foundation. Infringements of the anti-racism law will be handled by UNIA – The Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism.

With the above video, KAA Gent officially kicks off start this local football campaign against racism and discrimination. It is also the start of the 2018 European #Morethanfootball week of action in Gent, where the power of football and the role in society football clubs can fulfill are emphasized.

*Elk Talent Telt (Every Talent Counts): In 2014, the city of Ghent and KAA Gent awarded an important role to the KAA Gent Foundation in the support of youth football in Gent. 15 football clubs in Gent accepted the invitation of the KAA Gent Foundation. Together they have one goal: creating a pleasant football environment in Gent where the well-being of the children and youngsters is key and where every young player (male or female) gets the opportunity to develop both on a personal and on a sportive level, because Every Talent Counts.