More Than Football Award 2024 Longlist: Bristol City Robins Foundation – ADD-Mentor

28 June 2024

More Than Football Award 2024 Longlist: Bristol City Robins Foundation – ADD-Mentor

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) is proud to present the Bristol City Robins Foundation – ADD-Mentor project, which has been selected for the longlist of the More Than Football Award 2024.

The ADD-Mentor project is about the commitment to supporting the development of a young person’s life, helping the mentees to navigate away from negative influences in their troubled life, find a new purpose and become a positive pillar that gives back to their community.

The project sees trusting relationships built between known young people in the community and the mentors, who have both lived similar lives to the young people but were given the opportunity to change. They mentor and help guide young people into positive provision and give them the right support. The main focus is on the number of positive hours these young people can spend with their mentor and away from negative influences.

Jade and Sam’s lived experiences are what make the project work. They are both from the community and have gone through life-altering experiences that the young people can relate to; however, they were given the chance to change and make a better life for themselves through football. So both know how powerful it is to be given a chance to change and supported throughout the process.

The success of the project is undeniable, with additional resources allocated by the police to now support the parents of the young develop skills and find their purpose in life.

Main project objectives

  • ⁠Reduction in criminal offending absconding
  • ⁠Increased confidence
  • ⁠Improved relationship building
  • ⁠Increased physical activity
  • Creating a vocation focus
  • Improved educational attainment
  • Improved social-emotional functioning
  • ⁠Development of pride in themselves
  • Positive outlook for the future