“Nobody Offside” International Tournament – organised by N.E.C

5 April 2017

“Nobody Offside” International Tournament – organised by N.E.C

With more than 1.2 million members, football is by far the biggest sport in the Netherlands. However, for children with mental, physical or motor disability, playing football is challenging. Therefore, NEC Doelbewust is committed to helping these children finding access to and enjoyment in football. From the 23rd until the 28th of May, the international special football tournament, “Nobody Offside”, will be hosted by N.E.C in Nijmegen in collaboration with SC Woezik, OSRN, Brownies & Downies.

Willy van der Vlist talks about the impact, football had on his son’s development

Kevin van der Vlist is part of the football project at SC Woezik, which helped him getting a job. The 25-year-old goalkeeper has Down Syndrome. Participating in the football sessions had such a positive influence on him that he was able to start working at the lunchroom “Bijzonder”. Now, he is preparing on a daily basis orders and has contact with collegues and guests.  His father Willy van der Vlist explains: “Playing football at SC Woezik really has had a huge and positive impact on the development of Kevin. Now, he has far more confidence and is more socially active. This is noticable in the way he is dealing with other people and I believe this is also the reason, why he was able to start working at “Bijzonder”. Him finding a job and working is another opportunity to integrate into society” says a proud father. “Without the football project, this would not have been possible. He was much more reserved. For me, personally, it’s really great to see my son in such a way. “

“Nobody Offside” Tournament

N.E.C is strongly supporting people with a mental handicap. The club coordinates its supportes with EFDN (European Football for Development Network), Brownies & downieS, Uniek Sporten regio Nijmegen and the Entrepreneur Society of the region Nijmegen (OSNRN).

In May, for the “Nobody Offside” Tournament, different professional and amateur football clubs will send twelve teams from different countries to participate. The teams do not only take part in the tournament, but also attend a variety of workshops, including cooking sessions and lessons on self-presentation skills. The Nobody Offside event follows the objective of providing the participants with the possibility to develop important “Lifeskills”. N.E.C and its partners hope to have created a programme, which gives the young people a possibility to participate even better into society.

“Nobody Offside”- Supporting the event

The “Nobody Offside” tournament still needs support. Would you like to receive further information on the event?

Please contact the N.E.C’s Foundation Coordinator, Joep Goessen (joep.goessens@necdoelbewust.nl / 06-4815123).