More than Football Action Weeks #Passiton video guide

26 February 2019

More than Football Action Weeks #Passiton video guide

In support of the 2019 #Morethanfootball Action Weeks, taking place on the 19th of March through to the 9th of April, an example video and guidance documents have been created for the ‘#Passiton‘ video campaign which can be downloaded from the following link.

The idea of the video is that we ask everyone in the football family to record a video while catching a football, sharing what ‘#Morethanfootball’ means to them and then ‘#Passiton’ nominating a colleague or friend to do the same, sharing the video on their social media/websites with the #Passiton and #Morethanfootball hashtags and tagging their nominees.  Also, see some clarifications below:

  1. Participants are asked to start by saying either “I believe football is more than football because…” or “Football is more than football because…..”
  2. The videos can be filmed in the native language of the participant but we would ask that if they do this, that a translation in English is provided in text so we can include subtitles in the video.
  3. The deadline for sending through the video clips is the 8th of March and they can be submitted to
  4. The main objective of the videos is to create a wide-ranging social media campaign and participants are actively encouraged to post their own clips on their social media using the #Morethanfootball and #Passiton along with tagging their nominated person.

For more information regarding the #Passiton video and the 2019 #Morethanfootball Action Weeks, in general, see the #Morethanfootball website or follow on social media (Instagram: @morethanfootballactionweeks, Facebook: @morethanfootballactionweeks, Twitter: @eumorethanagame).

Any questions, queries and/or suggestions related to the #Passiton video can be directed to

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