PSV Eindhoven will take part in the #MorethanFootball Action Week

16 March 2017

PSV Eindhoven will take part in the #MorethanFootball Action Week

The European Football for Development Network is glad to announce that PSV Eindhoven is also taking part in the #MorethanFootball Action Week.

Who is PSV Eindhoven?

The social projects have become part and parcel of PSV’s policy the past few years”, explains Gerbrands. “Just like founder Philips used to be much more than an employer for the Eindhoven community, PSV are more than a football club in the current society. We organise dozens of social projects in the community every year, setting a leading example in the Netherlands. To guarantee future plans, we have opted to put the social branch under a separate foundation with its own board. The Foundation will now be less dependable on the club’s course.”

Just like other charitable organisations, the PSV Foundation has an ANBI status so that it can receive gifts and donations from third parties. These will be of benefit to the projects organised by the foundation. In order to qualify for an ANBI status, an organisation must meet several criteria, including at least a 90% commitment to the good cause. Profits should not be made and the board of directors must comply with integrity demands. That’s the main reason that Toon Gerbrands is the only member of the board who is directly connected with PSV. “We would like to attract an external top entrepreneur and somebody with great managerial skills and affinity with the town of Eindhoven. We think top marketing manager Bob van Oosterhout and Rob van Gijzel suit those criteria very well”, said Gerbrands.

Community Care is one of the club’s five core values. For many years, PSV have organised and guided projects with which it tries to have a positive influence on the present society. The club used to do this under the flag of PSV in the Community. PSV are aware of its special position in the community and realise that it should embrace its social responsibility as one of the biggest football clubs in the Netherlands. The clubs feels honoured and privileged to provide a positive contribution to the community.


PSV Eindhoven

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