Serie A Clubs Promote “Keep Racism Out” Campaign

6 October 2020

Serie A Clubs Promote “Keep Racism Out” Campaign

Match-day one of the 2020/2021 Serie A season – 19, 20 and 21 September – saw Italian clubs joining forces to tackle the longstanding issue of racism and discrimination in sports.

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In early September, the Lega Serie A and the National Anti-Discrimination Office of the Italian Government announced a partnership to launch the “Keep Racism Out” campaign. The partnership and campaign are led by Omar Daffe, a former lower league player who made national news in November 2020 for suffering racial abuse and now the Manager of the Anti-Discrimination Office of the Lega Serie A.

Before the start of every match, all the teams lined up in front of the branded arch dedicated to the initiative, as well as the ball plinth located on the sidelines and the fourth official’s substitution/extra time board. All players could be seen wearing a “Keep Racism Out” patch applied on the jersey’s right sleeve, and all the captains wore the armband with the words “Keep Racism Out”.

“The initiatives scheduled for the first day of the championship are the first step of the path that we started with UNAR to fight racism in football,” declared Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A. “Combatting all forms of discrimination is one of our missions for the coming months and we will pursue this goal organising several initiatives with the support of UNAR and our clubs.” (Lega Serie A)

“Seeing the work that we have been carrying out during the last months coming to life is a great satisfaction,” said Omar Daffe. “I have been a football player and I know what suffering acts of racism on the pitch means. From now ahead, we have to condemn all discrimination by harnessing the communication strength of Lega Serie A and its champions.” (Lega Serie A)

The Lega Serie A is a participant in this year’s #Morethanfootball Action Weeks. Over the last few weeks, the organisation has promoted its CSR initiatives to demonstrate its commitment to fighting the most important social dilemmas of our time. Lega Serie A, your efforts in the plight against racism and discrimination are indeed #Morethanfootball.