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The 1. FC Köln Foundation is a non-profit organization with legal capacity; it was established on November 21, 2009. 1. FC Köln is aware of its social and societal responsibility as one of Cologne’s best-known and most important organizations. Beyond soccer, we also think of those people in the region who are dependent on the support of others. FC bundles its diverse social commitment in the foundation.

The foundation’s mission statement is shaped by the title of the FC anthem: “Mer stonn zo Dir”. The FC wants to give back something of the unique loyalty and faithfulness of the entire region to the FC and it calls for an active participation of further persons and institutions. Because everyone can get involved with sports and within sports for social problems, make a difference together and take care of their fellow human beings.


The purpose of the foundation is to promote:

  • charitable purposes;
  • sports;
  • education, training and health, especially for children and young people;
  • the prevention of violence; and
  • integration and tolerance.

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