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Haags Kwartier 55 2491 BM
The Hague, The Netherlands

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ADO Den Haag

ADO Den Haag is a popular football club with a history dating back almost 115 years ago. The club is inextricably linked to the city of The Hague and its region. ADO Den Haag is a club for everyone and has been carrying out a multitude of social activities for many years. In doing so, ADO Den Haag shows that it is at the heart of society. In order to safeguard these activities, a separate foundation was set up: ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij.

ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij supports civil society organisations in achieving their goals in the field of promoting health, participation and education among the inhabitants of the Haaglanden region. The Foundation ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij (ADO The Hague in Society), together with its social partners wants to contribute towards making a sporty and respectful youth, offering future perspectives, promoting health and also bringing people closer together.

To make this mission a success, the projects are carried out under the flag of the foundation, using the name ADO Den Haag and role models and facilities of ADO Den Haag, such as the Cars Jeans Stadium and the Aftrap (Complex Youth Training).

Den Haag in de Maatschappij have different types and regularity of their activities and programs. Some activities are weekly and others are approximately once a month as well as having activities that occur once a year. Ultimately, ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij want all people of the Haaglanden region to have the right and access to healthy living, education and participation with which they can take care of their own well-being. These are the Foundation’s three main topics in which their programmes and activities are based on.

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