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Kilkis 7 PC 6015
Larnaca, Cyprus

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AEK Larnaca

AEK Larnaca was founded on 18/7/1994 after a decision of the General Assemblies of the two historical Associations of Larnaca, Pezoporikou and EPA.

This decision was the culmination of the previous four efforts and expectations of the vast majority of Larnaca, to join forces and create a Sports Club to star in all competitions, with the aim of making Larnaca proud.

The colors of AEK are green and yellow, and its emblem represents General Kimonas, who died fighting on the shores of Larnaca.

The club works with these main purposes:

  • The promotion of the sports idea among the members and the progress of the sport
  • The national education of the members of the association and the promotion of patriotism, democracy and the idea of ​​freedom
  • The development of social, cultural, artistic action and in general of action that is in line with public benefit purposes
  • The intellectual development of the members
  • Cultivating a sense of solidarity and mutual respect between members
  • AEK’s goal is to create a modern European team and the Board of Directors works patiently and methodically to realize the expectations of its fans, so that our team can rise and stabilize at the top.

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