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Stadionweg 1 1812 AZ
Alkmaar, The Netherlands

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AZ is aware of its social responsibilities not only on but also off the pitch. AZ is part of Alkmaar and the region. The players and coaches of AZ set an example for the youth and many people in the region are proud of their club. The AFAS Stadium is a meeting place for all social classes, regardless of age, sex or origin. Through AZ Do Mee(r) (AZ join in/do more), AZ structurally supports various social projects to show its commitment to society, nationally but especially in the region.


  • A healthy lifestyle through more exercise and healthy food
  • Improving the living conditions of vulnerable groups in society
  • Offering future perspectives through education and employment projects
  • Sporting and respectful youth
  • AZ is not just a club in the Eredivisie, it is also part of society. And we do that in our own down-to-earth way.


AZ focus with their projects on three pillars:

  • Health
  • Inclusion
  • Sustainability

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