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Bethaniƫnstraat 43 1012 BZ
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Creators FC

Creators FC is the official Youtubers national football team of the Netherlands. Added together, our players have (many) more followers than the entire Eredivisie put together. The Creators FC team is supplemented with ex-internationals, among others. In 2019 Royston Drenthe (Real Madrid), Glenn Helder (Arsenal) and Michael Mols (Feyenoord, Glasgow Rangers and FC Utrecht) participated. But also Yuri Cornelisse, who played in the Eredivisie for ten years. Because of this unique combination you see great promotions here, but also the best bloopers. And hilarious interviews. Bloopers from Creators FC go all over the world, scoring millions of views. The first Creators FC competition took place on October 8, 2017.

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