CS Universitatea Craiova

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Bulevardul Știrbei Vodă 30 200375
Craiova, Romania

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CS Universitatea Craiova is a Romanian a professional football team based in Craiova, currently playing in the Liga I, the top tier of the Romanian football league system.

Support against racial inequalities

The club has openly stated it support against racial inequalities. The fight against racial discrimination is an integral part of the protection and promotion of fundamental human rights, the struggle to eliminate various forms of discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunities.

Racism is an anti-scientific and reactionary socio-political conception which supports the unfounded idea of the biological and intellectual inequality of the human races, as well as the determining character, in history, of the racial peculiarities of the people. By promoting racial equality, the club is aiming to eradicate any kind of abuses.

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