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FC Botev Debelets was established as a non-profit legal entity (association) to carry out socially beneficial activities on 05.09.2018 in the town of Debelets and was established indefinitely. By uniting the efforts of its members, the company has as its main goal the construction of a children’s and youth football school using all modern methods and technologies.

Classes are conducted by young, motivated specialists with a coaching license “C” from the BFS school, who, in addition to sports and technical qualities, strive to build in children and purely human ones.

At the moment, children from 3 to 11 years of age are training in the club. The most important part of a project is the foundation, the place where the spark of love for the sport is ignited and that is why there is a regular training process in all groups in the kindergarten “Plameche” in Debelets, as well as in several kindergartens in Veliko Tarnovo. We are also developing Football 5, Football 7 and Football 9 teams, participating in all regional championships and tournaments organized by the BFS. Most of the children are from Debelets and Veliko Tarnovo.

On 02.06.2020 FC Botev (Debelets) and one of the best children’s schools for children up to 11 years in Bulgaria SC “Bolyarcheta” (Veliko Tarnovo)* signed a cooperation agreement, the aim of which is to give more children the chance to experience the magic of professional football. With this contract, the beginning of a common Academy and the creation of 11 football teams under the name of FC Botev Debelets for children over 11 years is formed. The goal is that in the next few years this Academy will cover all age groups and attack the Elite football groups for children and juniors.

With this agreement, the number of children training in the general Academy becomes nearly 300 and the school becomes one of the largest in Bulgaria.

As a social phenomenon, football creates “world stars” who are role models for young and old. These role models are the end product behind dozens of hours of training, practice, mentoring and the only way to get there is to walk side by side with our kids, creating the conditions for it to happen. At FC Botev Debelets we give an equal start to everyone because not every child is born a footballer, but with the right approach, the right methodology, belief in their own strengths and patience they can achieve their dreams.

As a sports club we also have a social responsibility, which is expressed in:

  • Supporting the children who train with us in developing their human and sporting potential, helping to build them as individuals and thus contributing to a better and prosperous society
  • Creating lasting habits in adolescents to engage in sport and physical activity throughout their active lives, as a means of counteracting aggression, drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking and sedentary lifestyles
  • Social contact and social adaptability through sporting activity and the formation of mental stability in children and adolescents
  • Developing physical education and sport and promoting healthy lifestyles among students, the working population and disadvantaged people

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