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Dordrecht, The Netherlands

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FC Dordrecht’s decision in 1999 to become a social entrepreneur has as its mission to use the power of soccer to achieve social goals. The club supports and participates in local and regional projects and works to make the social role of soccer visible.


The foundation aims to fulfill a social role in society in the area of Drechtsteden, from which the supporters of the BVO originate, whose role includes improving the living conditions of individuals, groups, neighborhoods and communities and guiding reintegration processes.

In social projects, the MADS foundation places particular emphasis on subjects that are important to its social partners, such as integration, education, work, health and respect. To support the success of the (ongoing) projects, the club uses its players as role models and makes knowledge and facilities available. FC Dordrecht has organized or contributed to many social projects, largely focusing on youth through structural cooperation with amateur clubs on Dordrecht island and the largest school communities.

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