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FC Red Bull Salzburg is an Austrian football club based in Wals-Siezenheim, Austria. Originally founded in 1933 under the name ‘SV Austria Salzburg’, the club was refounded in 2005 and currently plays in the Austrian Bundesliga with home matches at the Red Bull Arena. FC Red Bull Salzburg is one of the most successful Austrian football clubs, having won 11 league titles and 5 Austrian cups.


”With our experience and capability in a full range of areas we want to use our image to make an important contribution to society and keep our regional identity strong across social boundaries.” – Stephan Reiter, General Manager

The focus of FC Red Bull Salzburg’s CSR work has always been, and will always be making a difference in the fields of integration, tolerance, accessibility, education and health. With the help of the fans, team members, sponsors and partners (plus various stakeholders), FC Red Bull Salzburg have completed a number of projects and programmes in recent years. Below is just a quick overview of what FC Red Bull Salzburg has accomplished:


For FC Red Bull Salzburg, their work in integration and tolerance isn’t only an initiative, but a fundamental part of the club’s philosophy. The club promises to do everything they can to promote mutual tolerance, respect and integration for foreign players. Especially for young foreign players, the club does everything needed to support them in integrating and feeling happy in and outside the club.

FC Red Bull Salzburg also understands the importance of promoting the exchange of mutual respectful understanding between nationalities. With the integration workshop ”Teamplay without Offside’‘, the club aims to use football to raise awareness of topics such as discrimination, tolerance and integration.


According to a test conducted by the Austrian Association of Consumer Information (VKI) in 2016, FC Red Bull Salzburg was rated the best club, with a score of 96%. A total of 210 different categories were analysed, including the club website’s accessibility, the stadium’s accessibility and facilities for fans. This proves the club is on the right path of setting a benchmark in comprehensive service offering in Austrian football.

One of the projects related to stadium accessibility is the free entrance for disabled fans, which provided everyone the opportunity to join the cultural life in Salzburg, where football plays a huge role.

Health / Wings for Life Foundation

For many years, FC Red Bull Salzburg has regularly supported the campaigns of the Wings for Life Foundation, together with main sponsor – Red Bull. Wings for Life Foundation is an organisation focusing on spinal cord research.

FC Red Bull Salzburg has organised many events for the Wings for Life Foundation, including promoting the Wings for Life World Run (the biggest international charity event in the world) and hosting a Charity Day once a year to raise awareness of the Foundation’s goals. For more information, please click here. 

Moreover, the club regularly visits the children’s hospital in Salzburg around Christmas. Players deliver presents, pose for pictures, sign autographs, and bring the festive spirit in general.

Other than the aforementioned, the club also has more unique programs:

  • Supporting fan charity ”Consortio Iuvavum”
  • Christmas in Shoeboxes
  • Rookie of the Match kit auctions
  • FC Red Bull Salzburg in your school

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