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Foundation 92

Foundation 92 is an independent Charity that will focus on supporting people to improve their lives through sport.

It will have an emphasis on positive physical and mental wellbeing, and supporting people with a disability, people who are experiencing homelessness, or young people who have, or may be at risk of, committing offences.

Foundation 92 has been able to design, develop and launch a number of flagship programmes. A sample of the type of opportunities Foundation
92 has been able to offer to the whole community throughout 2020 are as follows;

  • Free Community Youth Work and Youth Social Action Programmes
  • Special Educational Needs, Learning and Mentoring Programmes
  • Alternative Education and Traineeship Programmes
  • Specialist Inclusion Provision

Through the support of their partners, Foundation 92 has been able to make
a tangible and sustained difference in the communities they both serve and live within.

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