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Calle Alcoraz, 3 22002
Huesca, Spain

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The Alcoraz Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2007 in the city of Huesca and strongly rooted from its origin to SD Huesca as a majority shareholder of the same after its constitution of this in Sociedad Anónima Deportiva in 2009.

Its mission is to develop a solitary and integrating work, with a permanent commitment to sport, culture and the society of Huesca. The Alcoraz Foundation was born with the vision of promoting the values of SD Huesca’s motto: “Always loyal, never wavering”.

The foundation wants to achieve the following objectives:

  • To develop and promote physical activity.
  • To contribute to the education and integral formation of people of all ages.
  • To promote participation in solidarity activities.
  • Coordinate and manage the lower categories of SD Huesca and help the Huesca grassroots sport.
  • Promote the social initiatives of SD Huesca and transmit its historical values

The Alcoraz Foundation shows that they are #MoreThanFootball, Here are some of their CSR Projects.

  • Donate your boots: Football boots recycling. The Foundation organises together with a regional company the collection of sports shoes to send them to marginalised areas in Africa.
  • Route of Values: Event carried out throughout the province of Huesca in which first team players transmit values of football and sport such as effort, enthusiasm and commitment by talking and lecturing. 
  • Race against cancer – Huesca: Fundación Alcoraz organises this popular race in the city of Huesca, which in its last edition before Covid had more than 4,500 participants.
  • Gender equality programme: Women’s teams. A few years ago, the women’s sports section was created in the club, and they have already 7 teams in the club.
  • Genuine League Team: The foundation manages the team of 30 players with intellectual disabilities together with Cadis, carrying out an annual training programme and competing frequently.
  • Collaboration projects with Aspace (Association of people with cerebral palsy): With this association, Fundación Alcoraz carries out several activities, such as the collaboration in the Aspace march with 8000 participants. Also, they are currently finalising a project for the construction of a dining room (

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