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Breda, The Netherlands

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Soccer connects. It is a sport that welcomes everyone regardless of skin color, religion or background. Many soccer teams, professional and amateur level, consist of players of different nationalities. To achieve their goal they work together, they are a team.

Our belief: we win a lot with our team – everyone’s team.

It is our belief that we win a lot when we work together, when we are one team. We make the Netherlands stronger with the power of soccer and the role model that this sport brings. In our campaigns and other activities, people’s experiences are central. Everyone should be able to recognize themselves in our messages and advice.

The message and methodology of Geef Racisme de Rode Kaart Nederland has been successfully distributed by various organisations in Europe since 2001. In countries like England, Norway, Finland and Italy there are organizations that have been carrying out activities and projects in the fight against racism and discrimination for years. Geef Racisme de Rode Kaart Nederland is extremely suitable to show the value of sports for society. The activities of the foundation include: school programs for primary and secondary education, campaigns in local communities and projects that help amateur clubs to implement a diversity policy. Our foundation uses soccer as a platform with an enormous reach to propagate that racism does not belong in the Netherlands.

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