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Algardsvagen 32 50630
Boras, Sweden

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IF Elfsborg

IF Elfsborg has realised that along with their associate partners, they are having the responsibility and power to open an entire world of opportunities for those seeking help or progression. Therefore, the club engages in many activities and projects.

  • Good friend, were more than 2000 children are engaged every year.
  • Lectures on values for more than 50 school classes every year
  • Offering summer jobs for young people
  • Helping to drive ‘Give racism the red card’ “

Next to that, IF Elfsborg runs, together with the City of Boras, the European project “Work Together”. Young people are supported in finding work in local businesses or organisations. In the project “Future Together” unemployed people are given the opportunity to participate in a project, in which they help young people in exclusion. IF Elfsborg also carries out projects to support disabled people and they are supporting a foundation in Kenya, which gives girls protection and education.

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