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Fatih Teri̇m Stadı 34480
Istanbul, Turkey

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İstanbul Başakşehir FK

Başakşehir Football Club was established in 2014. The club was set up with faithful supporters, who, though few in number, believed in success. Başakşehir had a motto the day they were founded: “There is no such thing as difficult. Impossible takes time.”

Besides their incredible achievements on the field, especially during the last season when the club won its first Turkish championship, Başakşehir are always present and winning in their community. The club’s sense of social responsibility is strong, and they always find ways to give back to their fans through healthy living and physical activity programmes, to name a few.

Football is my life

“Football is #Morethanfootball because it has the ability to unite us all around a common goal. I see everyday how clubs help others. The way every club and every player tries to help other people. Football is everything for me. Football is more than a game, it is my life.”

Rafael Pereira, Istanbul Başakşehir FK Player

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