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JK Kalev Tallinn is an Estonian football club from Tallinn. The club is a part of the omnisport association Kalev Tallinn.

The club was founded in 1911 and was twice the national champion. Between 1947 and 1963 the club played in the Soviet Union leagues and was the only Estonian club at the highest level in 1960 and 1961. At the end of 1963 the club was disbanded.

In 2002 the club was re-formed and promoted twice in a row. In 2006 the club finished third in the Esiliiga and promoted to the Meistriliiga via play-off matches. In 2009 the club relegated. In 2011, JK Kalev became champion in the Esiliiga and promoted again before dropping down again in 2014. In 2017 Kalev promoted again to the highest football level in Estonia. Where it plays in 2020 with one of the youngest teams with an average age of 20 years. After one season the team relegated to the Esiliiga again.

JK Kalev Tallinn shows that they are #MoreThanFootball. You can find the evidence on their website:

Mental health

We consider it important to encourage Kalevs to take care not only of their physical health but also of their mental health.

Since May 2021, we have been cooperating with the NGO Peaasjad and launched a mental health vitamin campaign among our members. In September, our community leader Remy Põld underwent mental health first aid training conducted by the General Affairs Association and the Estonian Psychosocial Rehabilitation Association to recognize behaviors and risk factors suggestive of various mental health problems.

Laur Nurkse, a sports psychologist, works with our club to ensure that the sporting achievements of our players are not stuck behind the main things.

Diversity and inclusion

Kalev is and will continue to be a football club that condemns all forms of discrimination.

We have just taken steps to join the diversity agreement of the Estonian Center for Human Rights, and from November 2021 we will be proud to be among the companies and organizations that recognize the key importance of taking diversity into account in their activities. At Kalev, we follow the principle that love of football unites people regardless of their language, religion, skin color or sexual orientation. 

People with special needs

According to the statistics of the Social Insurance Board, the share of disabled people in the entire Estonian population is almost 11%. This means that the daily life of almost every 9th compatriot requires more effort. As such a big football club, we feel that we have a duty to society in this area.

In August 2021, we organized an auction for the team shirt Ats Purje, a long-term team member and player of today’s Kalev representative team, and the entire amount went to the fund for the construction of the Salu School playground for children with special needs.

In 2022, we will start conducting regular football training for adults with special needs.

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