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In 2007, KRC Genk was the first Belgian football club to take on a pioneering role by strategically focusing on “social community work”, a project in which initiatives are set up in a structural and continuous manner for the benefit of all kinds of charities and society as a whole.

Over the years, numerous wonderful projects have been realized with a positive impact on the individual and the collective, ranging from pedagogical football projects for children in institutions, over employment projects for people with a non-blank criminal record, to all kinds of collection campaigns for the benefit of Vincentius. The operation has already been honored twice, with a prestigious European ECA Award and the first Pro League + Award.

Fundamentals FRZA! Foundation

F, for Focus on Talent Development. Initiatives where people discover and can develop talents in a stimulating environment.

R, for Reintegration. Projects where they actively work on pathways where people reintegrate into society.

Z, for Self-reliance and Autonomy. Initiatives where they increase people’s self-reliance, enabling them to be stronger in life and move around.

A, for Active participation in society. The final piece, you could say, given that the previous three steps co-result in a person or group making an active contribution to society.

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