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Ref Support believes that outside the support of The FA and the county FA’s there is simply not enough support given to the majority of match officials particularly in the Grassroots game where we currently have approximately 28,000 referees operating every week throughout the football season. The Referees Association (RA) of course is a long established organisation steeped with tradition but is not representative of referee development needs of today. Membership has significantly dropped nationally to around 5500 for the season 2015/16 and we are led to believe out of that membership approximately a third are active match officials. In their recent executive summary the RA admitted that they are concerned in the fall of membership numbers but to date have not yet put in place a robust development plan halt this decline. Part of our vision is to reach out to all underrepresented groups, such as ethnic minorities, LGBT, disability and the Armed Forces as we feel these areas need specific support to develop referees and currently there is little offered.

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