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Minister van Houtenlaan 123 1981 EK
Velsen-South, The Netherlands

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Telstar TIDW

Telstar Thuis in de Wijk is a one-two punch between the Telstar club and society. The foundation forms an umbrella for various social programs, projects and initiatives. The aim is to give people a helping hand who can use this well for various reasons. Sports and young people are two areas of attention and an important common thread. Improving the quality of life in the neighborhoods is related to this and is the third area of ​​attention.

Telstar Thuis in de Wijk wants to make the social function of the professional football organisation Telstar visible in society by organising and facilitating various activities that are aimed at liveability in the neighbourhoods, participation in local society, respect, education and a healthy, sporty and responsible lifestyle.

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