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The Tximist Foundation is a non-profit initiative that aims to support and accompany women and girls at risk of social exclusion in order to promote equal opportunities.

Our primary desire is to create a global awareness that joins efforts through the different solidarity organizations that act on the ground developing specific activities and events in different countries around the world.

We promote and disseminate the practice of physical activity in childhood and youth and we facilitate the access of all to it by promoting activities related to community processes that promote respect and community values.

TXIMIST Foundation with Global Goals

TOLERANCE: we are committed to people as the method and axis.
EXPERIENCE: we are coaches, footballers and managers. We are leaders.
EQUALITY: we promote equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities.
MOTIVATION: we train and accompany athletes in their personal transformation.
ENTHUSIASM: we are passionate about sport as a vehicle for social transformation.
SUCCESS: we exploit people’s full potential.
TALENT: we believe in the qualities, skills and abilities of all people.

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