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Venlo, The Netherlands

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The VVV Foundation brings people together, empowers them and helps them to get into top shape! The enormous appeal of sports and in particular of professional football plays an important role in this. The strength of the logo, the ‘WOW factor’ of Stadion de Koel, the exemplary role of the players as role models, the national reach of the platform that the club offers and the enormous network that the club owns – these are ‘Unique Selling Points’ of the club, which the VVV Foundation uses in a targeted manner.

Nothing is so cool to participate in a project with meetings and sports activities in the stadium, where the professional football players of VVV-Venlo act as ambassadors and you can also wear the VVV shirt! The power of VVV-Venlo goes even further. In addition to the unique top sports environment, VVV-Venlo also offers a huge business network. Where possible, connections are made between companies, organizations and project participants through this network, for example when it comes to people looking for work.

Sport lends itself in a unique way to work on personal goals: for example to become fitter, to learn to cooperate better, to learn to deal with winning and losing and to ‘practice’ Fair Play. In addition, sport brings people together. By using sports unique encounters are created, between old and young or between people from different neighborhoods, with diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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