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Xanthi FC is a football club from Xánthi , Greece . Xanthi plays his matches in the Xanthi FC Arena, which can accommodate 7,631 people. President of the club is Aris Pailoglou.

The club was promoted to the highest division for the first time in 1989 and has been playing there continuously ever since. Until they were relegated to Super League 2 in 2020, after 31 years .

Xanthi FC is #Morethanfootball:

Their VISION is to be a model in the field of Greek Football.

Their STRATEGY consists of:

  • in the effort to create an environment ideal for footballers
  • in investing in academies
  • in maintaining excellent condition, and continuous improvement of facilities
  • in compliance with all the requirements of the supervisory authorities

They are committed to the following OBJECTIVES :

  • zero problems in team operation
  • zero problems in relation to supervisory authorities
  • reducing fan complaints
  • improving the satisfaction of team members
  • continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality System processes

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