European Week of Sport 2020 – Crossbar challenge
23 September 2020 08:00 - 24 September 2020 23:00

European Week of Sport 2020 – Crossbar challenge

Join the most active European week of the year! From September 23 to 30, the European Commission asks people all over Europe to #BeActive by participating in the 2020 European Week of Sport. 

After encouraging Europeans to stay active during the lockdown, the #BeActive campaign reaches its apex with the European Week of Sport, a week-long event that will run from September 23-30. This initiative aims to inspire all Europeans to be more active and take better care of their mental health.

Taking advantage of the momentum built from the #BeActive campaign, the Week will promote an active lifestyle through several events and celebrations. Last year, more than 135,000 events were carried out in 42 countries, and although the circumstances have changed in 2020, the European Commission wants to break new records.

The COVID-19 pandemic has effected everyone’s approach to sports. Not only were major sports events cancelled, everyday workout routines were also affected. With the closure of exercise facilities and restrictions imposed by many Governments, Europeans have had to reinvent their ways of staying active. To help them do that, the European Commission launched the #BeActivatHome campaign

#BeActiveatHome is a way to adapt the #BeActive campaign to the complications resulting from the Corona crisis. Understanding the importance of staying active, both for our physical and mental health, the aim of this campaign is to use social media to boost Europeans’ physical activity. Participants could share their workouts and, by doing so, inspire others.

During these months of isolation, home workouts have been a stress relief and become hugely popular, inspiring people with a sedentary lifestyle to get active. Now that all over Europe movement restrictions are getting less strict, Europeans can return to outdoor workout with a newly discovered love for fitness.

In the wake of this enthusiasm, the European Commission wants Europeans to keep as active as they have been in the past months. With the European Week of Sport, which is the largest public-funded sports initiative worldwide, Europeans will be inspired to be active, not only during these seven days but all year long. By focusing on four main areas (workplace, education, outdoors and sports clubs and fitness centres), the Commission wants to make clear that physical activity is for everyone.

Crossbar challenge

Show the faces behind the slogan “We are morethanfootball”. Showcase the staff members, participants, players, coaches, club representatives and partners that are involved in your CSR projects. The challenge is our contribution to the European Week of Sport (September 23-30). Together we will promote physical activity and well-being.

  • Create a video with people taking part in the crossbar challenge and saying they are #Morethanfootball
  • Nominate three other clubs, league, FAs or partner organisations to do the same
  • Use #Morethanfootball campaign material if possible
  • Use #Morethanfootball and#BeActive in the photo and/or video
  • Post from September 24 onwards

Find a detailed description of the challenge here. 

Join the movement and share your workouts on social media by using #BeActive.