#Morethanfootball activities

#Morethanfootball activities

During the #Morethanfootball Action Weeks, organisations can showcase their CSR work in any way they wish and there are numerous ways to do this.  Community programmes can be promoted during home games, in matchday programmes or on LED walls. The European football family is encouraged to publish dedicated content on their websites and through their social media channels, stadium billboards and website banners.

In addition, video content on existing programmes can be created or re-published and fundraising for community activities can be organised. Everything is possible, the only thing that is asked is that the #Morethanfootball hashtag and/or label, the wordmark is included in the content and posts.

You can create your branded visuals here.


18.03.2024 – Launch of the #Morethanfootball Action Weeks

21.03.2024 – International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

29.03.2024 – Action Day – Refugees and Social Inclusion

06.04.2024 – International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

07.04.2024 – World Health Day 

11.04.2024 – Action Day – Gender Equality

16.04.2024 – Action Day – Accessibility

22.04.2024 – Action Day – Earth Day – Sustainability and Climate Change

23.04.2024 – Action Day – Football & Education

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Some inspiration from previous years:

  • Organising fundraisers at match days
  • Creating specially made t-shirts for players to wear when entering the pitch for a game and then offering them signed as a prize in a competition
  • Visiting projects with players and staff
  • Donating equipment to hospitals or schools
  • Calling people at risk of isolation
  • Hosting online events and workshops
  • Making facilities and processes more sustainable
  • Publishing CSR reports
  • Giving blind-stadium tours and audio descriptive commentary of the game
  • Participating in and organising charity runs
  • Organising photo competitions or photo shootings
  • Collecting electronic devices to be recycled for a good cause
  • Visiting schools or inviting children to training facilities