International Day of Peace
21 September 2020 00:01 - 21 September 2020 23:59

International Day of Peace

Since its establishment in 1981, the 21st of September is International Day of Peace. On this day, the UN invites all nations and people to celebrate the power of global solidarity for building a peaceful and sustainable world.

Declared in 1981 and celebrated since 1982, the International Day of Peace represents the chance to strengthen the ideals of peace around the world. By celebrating this occurrence, the global community seeks to recognise the daily efforts made by those that work to promote peace.

Not only is this day a time to discuss how to promote and maintain long-term peace among all peoples but also a 24-hour period of global ceasefire and non-violence for groups in active conflict. From developing more inclusive societies to providing health accessibility to everyone, building a peaceful world requires common effort.

2020 has shown how there cannot be enemies among nations, especially if we are all fighting a bigger one that does not distinguish us per nationality. The COVID-19 health crisis has threatened everyone’s security requiring global attention and hence the reason for the UN choosing this year’s theme as “Shaping Peace Together”.

Even though we cannot stand together, we can still jointly work to make the world a safer place for future generations, and the football family can also play a part in this. You can join the #Morethanfootball Action Day in any way you want. We have gathered some ideas for activities on International Day of Peace below. Use #Morethanfootball and campaign material whenever you communicate about this topic.

Ideas for #Morethanfootball activities:

  • educate your supporters on the value of peace
  • highlight (partner) projects that use sports as a tool to promote peace
  • engage in acts of kindness and solidarity
  • promote social inclusion
  • plant commemorative trees
  • take part in the UN’s minute of silence, The Silence Wave
  • raise awareness of why peace is important for social development