#Morethanfootball fundraiser

#Morethanfootball fundraiser

Let’s raise money for your organisation and your social projects. You have the chance to join the biggest community fundraiser in football. EFDN has developed a professional fundraiser in partnership with MatchWornShirt including a free club-dedicated auction page, item collection, payment handling, promotional material and advertising on social media. In these distant times, fans can support their club, league or FA (foundation) by bidding on match worn shirts and additional exclusive items.

EFDN members do not have to pay any setup fee and benefit from the full service and huge contact base of our partner MatchWornShirt. Non Members can also join the fundraiser and become a member of the EFDN by allocating an amount of 550 euro of their fundraising revenue towards a full year membership of the EFDN, and join the biggest network on Community and Social Responsibility in European Football. The EFDN Delegate membership package includes free access to the EFDN Conferences, EFDN Networking App, Healthy Football League and the online Learning Platform. Register now for the campaign and apply for the fundraiser.

You set your fundraising goal. We will reach it together.

You can find the fundraiser portal here.

The bidding on Everton shirts has already started on matchwornshirt.com. Click the link to see how it works or to bid on an item yourself!

What we offer

  • Custom content pack in line with club branding guidelines, including:
    • Website & mobile app banners
    • Social media (including Chinese channels)
    • Club press release
    • Club emailing banners + wording
    • LED artwork
    • Global PR
    • Photography
  • Signing kit (with the best pens, instructions and seal bags to collect the shirts in)
  • 24/7 dedicated MatchWornShirt contact per club
  • Shirt pickup at a location of choice (club, training ground or even at home – across Europe)
  • Payment handling and collection
  • No setup fee
  • 79% of the auction revenues
  • Selling shirts to non-club fans; cross-selling ratio of 40%:
  • Data reports after auction
  • Everything completely Covid secure!

Why MatchWornShirt?

Live shirt auctions and working with club foundations are MWS’s bread and butter. With 9,000 shirts sold, 85 partner clubs and federation all over Europe (and the rest of the world), a loyal shirt collector database of 35,000+ bidders and an individual shirt record of €26,000 we know how to maximize fundraising potential for charities.

MatchWornShirt has hosted large-scale projects like the #Morethanfootball Action weeks before and has created a ‘best-practice’ operations and marketing flow to make sure everything runs smoothly. All work is being taken care off by MWS, so the Foundations can focus on what really matters: their work in the communities.

“We have very good experiences with MatchWornShirt. We have auctioned shirts of special event matches. We have done that on our own eBay platform before but by working with MatchWornShirt we generated 40% more revenues due to the cross-selling and fans bidding on matches of other clubs”, said Peter Gheysen, Head of Club Brugge Foundation, during our preparation webinar.

Participating organisations will have their dedicated auction page.

How to register

  • Register for the #Morethanfootball Action Weeks
  • Fill in our form or send an email to m.stegemann@efdn.org
    • Name dedicated match(es), the beneficiary of the fund and contact person

Register now!