Action Day – Gender Equality

11 April 2022

Action Day – Gender Equality

On 11 April we are calling all clubs, leagues and FAs to highlight their gender equality initiatives.

Despite the progress that has been made in the last years, gender-based discrimination is still one of the most concerning problems of our society. This requires an innovative, inclusive approach that mobilizes people of every gender identity and expression as advocates and acknowledges the ways that we all benefit from this equality. Due consideration should also be taken on the views around men, masculinities and their gendered expressions.

At EFDN, we believe sport is a powerful tool to promote and raise awareness for gender equality, helping tearing down the barriers of discrimination against women and girls, and LGBTQ athletes.

We have gathered a few examples of how football organisations have implemented gender equality programmes.


EFDN’s Community Champions League project highlights the key element of “Cultural understanding” in order to generate and emphasise mutual respect while creating confidence amongst the participants and building strong relationships between young people in their communities. The project is focused on fair play, respect and tolerance, promoting social cohesion, equal opportunities and participation in sports for young boys and girls.


Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) is an anti-racism and anti-discrimination programme. SRtRC utilises the high-profile status of football and football players to help tackle racism in society. The project aims to raise awareness of diversity, foster social cohesion, and reduce physical and verbal violence linked to racism. 

Regarding international women’s day, ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ creates visibility for women working in the football industry. Therefore they have created a campaign called ‘Women in Football’.

They contacted over 20 women who are active in the football industry, women who work behind the scenes at a football club, such as directors, CSR managers etc. Are you interested in checking out all the interviews?


EFDN member OFI Crete FC, together with Strong ME, showed a great example by sharing the message against gender-based violence. Five players of their team, Nikos Korovesis, Adil Nabi, Miguel Mayado, Dimitris Sotiriou and Triantafyllos Pasalidis took a stand.

On Thursday, 25th of November, the club released a video, in which five of their football players, sent a strong message against any form of violence.

On the 28th of Novermber, during the Super League match against Ionikos FC, all of the players (starting 11 and substitutes) had a black mark under one eye, as a symbol of the marks that violence leaves to the body, highlighting that the team is against any form of violence.

The club gave the chance to all women who were interested, to attend their match, with a ticket of 3 euros (symbolic price). All women received a reusable fabric bag as a gift, with the message “Make your fear, strength”. All proceeds from these tickets were donated to a group called “Strong me”, that aims to raise awareness and stop violence against women. All staff members wore the white ribbon, the international symbol against gender-based violence.

Brentford FC

Brentford FC Community Sports Trust announced their involvement in the newly expanded Talent Inclusion Programme work with the FA and 33 other EFL Club Community OrganisationsThe Talent Inclusion programme ensures that through their existing community activities, female participants can be identified and referred to the FA England Women’s Talent Pathway. Social class, ethnicity and demographics should not be a barrier to success.

For girls showing potential, the programme creates a pathway from community to full England honours, with an educated workforce that identifies and supports potential. Brentford FC Community Trust will be supported by an education and learning programme managed by the EFL Trust and supported by The FA. The longer-term aspiration of the programme is for all English EFL clubs to engage.


Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) hosted a virtual panel event on International Women’s Day titled: An important conversation discussing Women and Equality: Let’s #breakthebias together. That’s the name of the initiative that CACT will realize. In partnership with Royal Borough of Greenwich and English Football League (EFL), the panel event will be held.

“I am very excited to share the panel with other strong women while we talk about what makes women great and why it’s important to discuss equality.”

Panellist Vyan Sampson

“As Charlton’s PFA Equalities Ambassador, I am proud to endorse the virtual panel event taking place in celebration of International Women’s Day. The panel will address important topics and help to educate attendees on the equality of women through a diverse panel of speakers.”

Adam Matthews, Charlton Athletic’s Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) Equalities Ambassador


The FC Barcelona Foundation has scheduled an international conference on the role of sport as a tool for social inclusion, which was be held in FC Barcelona’s 1899 Auditorium.

Speakers included Lilian Thuram, a former Barça football player and creator of the Lilian Thuram Foundation for Education Against Racism, and the Catalan athlete Àlex Roca, ambassador of the FC Barcelona Foundation and an example of personal improvement through sport. Institutional representatives (European Commission, General Secretariat for Sport) and the FC Barcelona Foundation also took part, as well as athletes and sports technicians who explained their personal experiences.


  • Talk to male participants about their view on masculinity and its consequences for themselves and others
  • Provide free and accessible coaching lessons for girls
  • Show banners that display an empowering message to girls
  • Present and support the women in your organisation
  • Share photos and videos of female players
  • Show how women and especially female footballers contribute to your community programmes
  • Make sure LGBTQ participants of your programmes are included, accepted and supported