FK Austria Wien will participate in the #MorethanFootball Action Week

21 February 2017

FK Austria Wien will participate in the #MorethanFootball Action Week

The #MorethanFootball Action Week team is delighted to announce the participation of FK Austria Wien in the #MorethanFootball Action Week.

Who are FK Austria Wien?

We want to move something!” The FK Austria Wien team proves that this does not always have to be about the ball. The Violeten organize a series of charity events, the only goal of which is that the players, coaches as well as the functionaries and employees work with full commitment to social projects.

The club want to raise awareness of as many people as possible that health, an intact family life and a financially secure everyday life are unfortunately not granted to everyone.

As social commitment has always been of particular importance to FK Austria Wien, we are committed to actively involving our players, coaches, officials and employees for charitable purposes.


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