MORE THAN FOOTBALL AWARD 2023 LONGLIST: FC Twente, Scoren in de Wijk – Anders Inburgeren

30 June 2023

MORE THAN FOOTBALL AWARD 2023 LONGLIST: FC Twente, Scoren in de Wijk – Anders Inburgeren

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) is proud to present the FC Twente Foundation, Scoren in de Wijk (Scoring in the Community) – Anders Inburgeren (Integrate Differently) project, which has been selected for the longlist of the More Than Football Award 2023.

The number of refugees is booming, in all European countries. The Dutch centre for reception of asylum seekers expects over 76,000 refugees in 2023, a massive increase compared to the total number of refugees in 2013 (then approx. 16,000) for example. All refugees coming to The Netherlands must follow a compulsory integration course and in 2013, 89 refugees were still to complete this. However, in 2021, the number of refugees still to complete the compulsory integration had risen to 17,244, and this number is expected to keep rising as the number of refugees do too. FC Twente, scoren in de wijk and partners have brought to life the Anders Inburgeren project as a solution to this rising number, in order to prevent refugees from not integrating into Dutch society.


  • Improving further integration into Dutch society through:

o Learning the Dutch language

o Becoming familiar with the Dutch culture and habits

  • Transfer towards (voluntary) work or participation activities

‘Anders Inburgeren’ is a project aimed at refugees that are unable to complete the compulsory integration course within the set time limit and restrictions. Together with multiple partners, FC Twente, scoren in de wijk aims to help refugees that have had no to limited prior education, are illiterate (to limited literation) and have a limited learning capacity.

Through all sorts of activities, such as sports, games and cooking, participants learn the Dutch language and get to know the Dutch culture. All activities involve language lessons, which are aimed at practically integrating them into society. FC Twente, scoren in de wijk and its partners, aim to make a sustainable impact through involving the neighbourhood as well as the aforementioned partners.

Stimulating the participants and their neighbours to get to know each other. Creating a bond, through which everybody helps each other in their challenge to integrate into Dutch society and kickstart their life in The Netherlands. Growing a better understanding for those that fled their country, and those that open their arms and neighbourhoods to them. This is what makes their integration more sustainable, and therefore successful.