#MoreThanFootball action day: refugees and social inclusion!

29 March 2024

#MoreThanFootball action day: refugees and social inclusion!

On the 29th of March, we are calling all clubs, leagues and FAs to showcase their Refugee and/or Social inclusion initiatives. We, as EFDN, also work on some initiatives concerning these topics.

Welcome Through Football

The Welcome Through Football project aims to assist in the integration and inclusion of recently arrived young refugees, asylum seekers and young people with a migrant background. In the project EFDN will develop and test a European methodology that uses football as a tool to reach refugees and migrants from different ages to get them physically and socially active in European communities.

Moreover, the project assists football coaches and youth workers in the development and sharing of effective methods in reaching out to the marginalised target group, in preventing racism and intolerance.

Eredivisie Community Champions

In partnership with the Dutch Eredivisie and eight Dutch EFDN member clubs, EFDN is part of a unique football-based social inclusion project called ‘Eredivisie Community Champions’.

In the new Eredivisie Community Champions project, the goal is to support more than a thousand young people in the age group of 15 to 27 years to develop important life skills and to make them more engaged in the local community of their own city.


EFDN started a new project called ‘All-in & Win’ to increase knowledge & awareness to recognize discrimination in grassroots sports towards members of the LGBT+ community. Participation in sports is a human right and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy its physical, social and mental health benefits regardless of their sex, sexual oriantation or gender identity.

The objective of the programme are:

  • Tackle racism, discrimination, and violence against the LGBT+ community in sport 
  • Social inclusion in and through sport 
  • Promote social cohesion through sport 
  • Promote active citizenship 
  • Promote voluntary activity in sport 
  • Enhance social and bridging capital of athletes 
  • Creating a safer environment for athletes within their club or organization