#Morethanfootball Action Weeks Still Underway!

5 April 2023

#Morethanfootball Action Weeks Still Underway!

The #Morethanfootball action weeks are still underway and we are slowly closing to the end of it! More than 60 organisations have already joined the campaign. With a few more Action Days coming up so you and your organisation still have time to participate and to show that your organisation is More than Football. Don’t forget to work together with other organisations by tagging them and raising awareness and funds for your social projects.Β Let’s look at a few examples of those who have participated so far.

Glentoran Social Partnership

Apollon FC

In the last couple of days #Morethanfootball Action Weeks had the Accesibility Action Day. Let’s have a look how some of the participants did for Accesibility Action Day.

St. Johnstone FC

Willem II Betrokken

Club Brugge Foundation


We still have a few action days left for the upcoming days and weeks. We encourage everyone to join the biggest football campaign in the world on these days to show that they are More than Football.

Remaining Campaign Schedule;

  • 06.04.2023 – International Day for Sport for Development and Peace
  • 07.04.2023 – World Health Day
  • 11.04.2023 – Action Day: Gender Equality
  • 13.04.2023 – Action Day: Sustainability and Climate Change

#Morethanfootball Resources

A multimedia kit, #Morethanfootball visuals and the campaign toolkit can be downloaded for free on the Morethanfootball.eu website. Use the Multimedia Kit to create your club-branded visuals in various formats for your matchdays and social media posts in a few steps. Share them on your channels by using #Morethanfootball

#Morethanfootball Ambsasador

What is an #Morethanfootball Ambassador?

#Morethanfootball Ambassadors helps to raise awareness of the social power of football. They believe in values like respect, diversity and fair play and support your social projects.

Why becoming an ambassador?

Many (football) organisations are using football and other sports as a tool for development and create a sustainable impact in the community. Nevertheless is CSR/ESG in football still one of the best-kept secrets. It’s time that people hear about the life-changing community initiatives that your organisation delivers. 

Who can become an ambassador?

Everyone that uses or promotes the power of football for education, health, anti-discrimination, equality, social inclusion, integration and other positive outcome on the community. An ambassador can be whether directly involved in social initiatives or someone who announces support for a project or organisation. Ideally, organisations name at least three ambassadors, for example:

  • One CSR-practitioner (Head of the foundation, project coordinator, coach, teacher…)
  • One (former) player or club representative
  • One beneficiary (participant of a community programme)