Neftçi PFC presents ambassadors of #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks 2024

10 April 2024

Neftçi PFC presents ambassadors of #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks 2024

Neftçi PFC is happy to introduce the #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks 2024 ambassadors.

This year is the third in a row that they take part in the #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks, demonstrating once again the attitude of the club in various social issues.

Neftçi PFC is also really active in every #MoreThanFootball Action Day, showing their support and initiatives in different topics.

For this year’s edition of #MTF Action Weeks 2024, Neftçi PFC has chosen three ambassadors. Below the quotes of the ambassadors with inspirational insights linked to the #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks.

“This is the third time we have joined the #MoreThanFootball project. It is not a coincidence. Because “Neftçi” is People’s Team and fights with social problems at every opportunity, and we show that our struggle goes beyond the field. I have been participating as a coordinator and ambassador of the project that we have been conducting for years.”

Aykhan Hajizada, Marketing Specialist

“Neftçi is the flagman of Azerbaijani football. I am an academy player of and I am proud to play in a club that is an example to others in such sensitive issues, and to pass the values I learned in “Neftçi” Football Academy to the next generation.”

Rza Jafarov, Goalkeeper of A Team

“I feel very happy when I play football and I see football not just as a game but as an important part of my life. After becoming a mother, when I felt that life without football was too difficult, I realized that it is not just game, it is #MoreThanFootball. Football has played a huge role in me, making me become a more confident person. I would like to instill this in young female players.”

Aysun Seydiyeva, Midfielder of Woman’s A Team