Northampton Town Community Trust; #Morethanfootball Award Winners 2022!

21 November 2022

Northampton Town Community Trust; #Morethanfootball Award Winners 2022!

On Tuesday the 15th of November 2022 Northampton Town Community Trust have been announced as the winner of the #Morethanfootball Award powered by Musco.

The goal of the More than Football Award is to honour the best social initiatives in Europe delivered by a European Club, League or FA by celebrating the work they do on and off-pitch on a local, national and international levels. We will hand out the Award for the best project promoted during the 18th EFDN Conference in Budapest, Hungary, which will be assessed not only on the quality of the project but also on the level of promotion and engagement. The 2022 #Morethanfootball Award is powered by Musco Lighting.

As voted by all the attending member clubs at the 18th EFDN Conference, the best social initiative delivered by a European Club, League or FA, is Tackling Loneliness.


Within just two days of the first lockdown Northampton Town FC Community Trust developed a project set out to support older fans who may be at risk of loneliness or isolation brought about by COVID and government lockdowns. The project has supported 1210 people aged 50+ to reduce feeling of loneliness and improve their mental health and well being.

The impact it has been made is wide reaching, the caste study video of Audrey outlines one of many stories of impact they have made where the project has reduced feelings of loneliness and isolation, helped develop new friendships and improve people’s mental health and wellbeing.

The winner (Northampton Town Community Trust) of the 2022 #MorethanFootball Award will not only receive recognition for having implemented the most innovative and impactful Community and Social Responsibility programme in European football, but they will also win a complete Mini-Pitch System™ modular sports solution. The club-branded mini-pitch will be developed in partnership with the winning organisation, EFDN and Musco.