2 October 2020


The No Violence in Sport (NOVIS) Project held a second webinar to introduce the NOVIS Methodological Guide to Prevent Violence in Sport.

NOVIS is a project based on the results and outputs of the ELYS project. Adopting the approaches of the Io Tifo Positivo (I Support Pro) initiative developed by partner organisation Comunità Nuova, the aim of NOVIS is to further develop previous European projects and share the lessons learnt with new partner organisations and other EU Member States. The project has the goal of developing a pilot affiliation programme for sport organisations, clubs and associations, in order to design and test an innovative method to promote the true values of sport – respect, fair play, anti-racism and -xenophobia – as well as combatting all forms of violence and discrimination in sport.

The webinar opened with a brief presentation of the NOVIS Project by Fabio Croci, Senior Project Manager for European Projects.

His introduction was followed by Francesca Vitali, sport psychologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Verona. Vitali offered a brief introduction to the phenomenon of violence in sport and the importance of its prevention, as well as a presentation of the English version of the NOVIS Methodological Guide with an overview of aims, content and future direction.

Alberto Arioli, sociologist and educator at Comunità Nuova, then gave a tutorial on navigating the NOVIS Project website, offering insights into the free resources available there and the pilot affiliation programme.

The webinar concluded with some words from EFDN CEO Hubert Rovers. He introduced EFDN programmes that promote non-violence and inclusion in football like the Show Racism the Red Card programme and the Community Champions League. Mr. Rovers has invited all partners to join the next virtual congress scheduled for 9-11 November, to continue the progress towards a safer and more peaceful sport.