Why Athletic Club is #MorethanFootball

6 April 2017

Why Athletic Club is #MorethanFootball

This video shows the diversity of programmes, addressing different issues, that are being delivered by the foundation of Athletic Club, Fundación Athletic Club. #MorethanFootball


Founded in 2002, the Athletic Club Foundation’s primary mission is to return to society part of what society gives to Athletic Club. This is accomplished through an important program of initiatives in the social, social-sporting and socio-cultural scopes whose main objective is to improve our society. To achieve this, the Foundation sets in motion activities and programs either individually or with the collaboration of different social agents and organizations. All Foundation activities use football and/or Athletic Club’s social, historical and cultural dimension as tools to help improve the quality of life of the people for whom they are intended.

The work of the Athletic Club Foundation would not be possible without the economic support of a series of companies and institutions (Partners and Associates) and individuals (Club Athletic) that understand that the Athletic Club Foundation project does not fall within the rationale of economic profitability, but that it is geared towards social and cultural prosperity. Furthermore, part of the actions developed is possible thanks to the selfless work of Foundation volunteers, through the Volunteer Program of the Athletic Club Foundation.

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