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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has long been an integral part of FK Teplice’s strategic management and at the same time the club’s management considers it one of the most effective ways to develop relationships with key stakeholders.

This fact is relatively much determined by the majority philosophy of the owner, the Japanese glass group AGC. She herself declares that she sees her support for Teplice football as an integral part of her regional social responsibility. CSR is significantly reflected in the vision and mission of the club, as well as the main motto of CSR club policy  FK Teplice – More than football”.

Through a number of CSR programs, social projects are supported every year, which are most often targeted at local communities, children and youth, the elderly, the disabled and the sick. A number of activities are also being developed towards FKT youth, and former players and club employees are not forgotten either. The club also tries to involve the club’s fans in many CSR activities, including the FKT Fanclub, with whose representatives the club also tries to systematically communicate and support its activities.

The Teplice players themselves are also actively involved in charitable events, such as annual visits to the Hájský kohout festival for mentally handicapped clients from social care institutions or regular active support of the global CSR initiative McHappy Day, which supports accommodation financing for long-term sick children. and their families, including the Czech Republic. The players of the A team, together with the representatives of the Czech Radio Endowment Fund (Světlušky), also take part in the Osce Celebrations event in the summer, as well as the Café Potměna event in support of visually impaired people.

Through a number of CSR initiatives, the club also strives to systematically support disabled and sick people, especially from the region. Many activities in the field of CSR are also aimed at our own youth base or former players and club employees. Young players with their coaches visit sheltered workshops and the hospital of the Arkadia in Teplice or have actively participated in a number of CSR projects of the club

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